We work with other spaces to hold workshops on topics including Privacy & Security, Networking, Computer History and Repair. These workshops help connect the mission of the lab to a wider audience, and put our key concepts in real-world contexts. As a lab we focus on the importance of experiential learning, and workshops are an ideal way to encourage this – especially for those who need an extra nudge. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming workshops.

hands-on learning

One recurring workshop is the ‘Take it Apart(y)’. Framed as a gateway to repair, participants get to take apart tech and put it back together – and learn about the parts inside as they do so. The Through dismantling without expecting repair, we de-mystify the insides of technology and encourage curiosity, confidence, and future action. We’ve conducted these workshops in the Blow Things Up lab, in the Norlin Library CRDDS, and at the Anythink Library in Thornton, CO.