typography class

Professor Joel Swanson’s Typography class completed this scavenger hunt:


  1. Three examples of typography tied to brand identity.
  2. One example (at least 3 images) of brand typography evolving over time.
  3. One example each of a script font, serif font, and sans serif font
  4. Three different keyboard layouts
  5. A key from a keyboard that is no longer standard on modern keyboards.
  6. One example each of typeface designed in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s.
  7. Custom type (i.e. custom type that was designed specifically for a game or software title)
  8. An example of a static typeface machine (e.g. a typewriter where you can’t change the font).
  9. An ‘iconic’ typeface (use your best judgement on what makes a typeface iconic).
  10. A computer that only displays capital/uppercase/majascule letters.


Some of the solutions: