students in the lab


We’ve given tours to hundreds of students and community members!

CU classes from departments including Art/Art History, Computer Science, Engineering, English literature, Film Studies, Information Science, and Library Science have visited the lab. We have also hosted high school students from the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Studio Project, and staff and faculty groups from across campus. 

Students visiting the lab engage in various ways ranging from free discovery time to focused assignments. General tours are a great starting place, but we like in-depth engagement even more. Instructors and professors are encouraged to develop assignments specific to the MAL.

We have developed some activities that can be modified for many types of classes, including some prompts for guided exploration in the collections. For classes that demand more specific instruction in relation to the lab, we work in conjunction with professors to develop tailored assignments. 

Possible activities for students in the lab:

The following class syllabi feature the MAL and similar collections: