Miriam Suzanne


Artist Website: Miriam Suzanne

Bio: Miriam Eric Suzanne is an author, performer, musician, designer, web developer, speaker, and consultant — a co-founder of OddBird, member ofTeacup Gorilla, and avid open-source contributor. Miriam is the author ofRiding SideSaddle* (a hybrid novel) and The Post-Obsolete Book (a performance website), co-author of Jump Start Sass (a tech book) and 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products (a play), and creator for the open-source Accoutrement, Susy, and True Sass toolkits.



Title: Post-Obsolete Book
miriam project

“Suzanne’s Post-Obsolete Book is a multimedia archival rhizome ecology in ten parts, and a reflection on the obsolescence of obsolescence, documented on the cloud, and open-sourced as a defense against post-post-obsolescence. The book is dead. Long live the book.”
Onsite: Yes
Duration: September 25- October 7, 2013
Equipment: Overhead projector, Ipad, TV monitor
Documentation: Interview by Mél Hogan.