MALfunction #3: Feminism

MALfunction #3: Feminism

Tuesday, November 15 @ 6:30pm
Museum of Natural History, CU Boulder
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Researcher: Maya Livio
Tech in Women

Artist: Ondine Geary


Maya Livio

IUDs, pelvic floor muscle exercisers, intravaginal speakers that play music to gestating fetuses—technologies for women’s bodies have existed for quite some time, and now are part of a rapidly expanding product market. Livio will introduce some of these devices, many of which will be on view, and will question the physical, affective, and technological vulnerabilities they engender.

Maya Livio is a new media researcher, cultural producer, and organizer. Her work centers on complicating the relationships between technology and culture, while developing practice-based feminist research methods. Livio curates MediaLive, an international media arts festival at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as the Media Archaeology Lab. She is a PhD candidate at University of Colorado Boulder and a Research Affiliate at the Digital Methods Initiative at University of Amsterdam, where she also earned a master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture. Livio cares about feminist critiques of science and technology, networked vulnerability, data and platform politics, and her cats, among other things.

Ondine Geary

Ondine Geary is a performer, project manager, dishwasher, improviser, mother, maker, teacher, producer, dog walker, homework helper, grocery getter, problem solver, and love note writer. As a dancer, she has studied with and performed works by an array of notable artists Such as Peter Carpenter, Jace Clayton, Elizabeth Corbett, Teena Marie Custer, Faye Driscoll, Michelle Ellsworth, John Jasperse, Gesel Mason, Donna Mejia, Tere O’Connor, Erika Randall, Helanius Wilkins, and others. Most recently, she performed with Gesel Mason Performance Projects and Bessie-award winning Third Rail Projects. She is also proud to be an ensemble member of Playback Theatre West, one of Michelle Ellsworth’s Manpants publishers, and a collaborator in the performance partnership XX, along with Front Range Artists Lauren Beale, Kate Speer, and Brooke McNamara. Ondine is pursuing an MFA in Dance at CU Boulder. Her research interests reside at the intersection of art, the body, and critical, social engagement.

In this tech/talk performance piece, Geary delivers some very bad news. (Hint, your children will not make you happier). But wait! Using humor and spectacle, TURN ON poses an ingenious technological solution to the problem, one that promises to help modern, American mothers balance the overwhelming and contradictory demands that society places on them. With the help of her collaborator and partner, Tim Lowrimore, Geary demonstrates how a hidden well-spring of power inside every woman’s body can be utilized to (wirelessly) offset the endless and invisible work of caretaking.

TURN ON is part of a larger work-in-progress entitled Burning, which draws from early feminist performance art, feminist theorizations of motherhood, and Geary’s own attempts to balance her identity as a mother with her identity as an artist.

MALfunction: A series of intimate events that question where media and society, research and practice meet. Each MALfunction features one researcher and one artist whose work examines a similar technological theme. FREE and open to the public.

Presented by the Media Archaeology Lab and hosted at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. Co-sponsored by the College of Media, Communication and Information and the Department of English. Curated by Maya Livio.