virtual tour

Two graduate students from CU Boulder successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign to fund the purchase of software for building an interactive virtual tour of the Media Archaeology Lab; their hope is that the VR tour will make the lab’s playful atmosphere available for anyone. Please stay tuned for the official launch. Below is the text from their successful crowdfunding campaign. Congratulations, Erin Cousins and Jillian Gillmer!

Dr. Michael Gamer, a book history scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, recently delivered a lecture on the CU-Boulder campus. Following his lecture, Dr. Gamer specifically requested a tour of CU-Boulder’s Media Archaeology Lab (MAL) – a site of knowledge production deeply linked to his own academic field. Finally getting to experience the “magic” of the laboratory in person by playing with old computers, early word processors, and typewriters – even an Edison phonograph from the 1920s! – his overt fascination quickly turned to disappointment when he realized that his students, an incredible 1,700 miles across the country, would likely never see the lab we’ve created. In fact, he lamented, the current website doesn’t capture the spirit of the laboratory – its static images convey facts, but not feeling.

We as CU-Boulder Department of English students took this feedback to heart, and now we’re doing something about it!


From 2D to 3D…
What if we could improve the ways in which the Media Archeology Lab is captured online? We are Erin Cousins and Jillian Gilmer, Master’s candidates at CU-Boulder, and we want to build a virtual tour of CU-Boulder’s Media Archaeology Lab. Utilizing professional software, we believe we can capture the sounds, physical feeling, and most importantly, the interactivity of the laboratory machines—from the Vectrex game station to the Apple IIe.

Below is an example of what the software will allow us to create, demonstrated as a residential tour. Our tour will be much different, but we can’t wait to utilize all of the functionalities Tourweaver 7 will provide for our project.