upcoming installation and reading by MAL artist-in-residence Johannes Heldén

Thanks to the generous support of the CU Department of English and with support from the Swedish Arts Grants committee (KON_short_swed_arts_grants_committee_stor_150dpi), we are delighted to host Swedish visual artist and poet, Johannes Heldén, for an upcoming artist residency. Johannes will be in the MAL from Saturday, September 13th to Wednesday, September 17th. Below, is Johannes’ description of his project while he is in the MAL. As part of his residency, Johannes will be performing at the MAL on Wednesday, September 17th at 7 pm. We would be so pleased to see you there!

When: Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 at 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Where: Media Archaeology Lab: 1320 Grandview Avenue, Lower Level.

Artist Statement: At the residence at the Media Archaelogy Lab in September, I will work on a project – Field Guide – that relates to how digital media is perceived in the physical room, and our perception of the book as artefact – deconstructing it as symbol while exploring the possibilites of a future book: carrier of information, physical artefact, interactive device, its relationship to visual art, soundworks, linear vs. non-linear storytelling, temporality.   In the project I will work on a simultaneous deconstruction and unfolding/extension of my upcoming print poetry book (Astroecology, to be published in Swedish by Albert Bonniers Förlag and in English by Argos Books, both in 2015). At the lab, I will make an installation that explores the materiality of the book, as it progresses and evolves into sculptural content, sound installation and the digital realm. The upcoming book deals with how we perceive time and has several linear “arcs” of temporal narrative. This will be explored and visualized at the Lab by utilizing six of the machines from the collection (all from different years, so that the order of the machines form a sequence of time itself), that will be running simultaneously with contact microphones attached to them. This creates a sound choir of sorts, a low drone of technology from several time periods, which directly relates to a specific passage in the book – on how the digital realm relates to fiction. On each screen, an image from the book is displayed, in the native resolution of that machine. This creates a narrative of technology –  as resolution is improved the details of the image grows clearer – and will create six representations of the same image, differing in abstraction. 

Johannes Heldén holds an MFA from Valand Academy of Fine Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is the author 11 books, the creator of many digital works and visual art pieces, and has had numerous exhibitions of his work.