Patrick Michael Mulcrone



Artist Website: Patrick Michael Mulcrone

Bio: Patrick is a creative technologist in the Greater Denver Area, who has worked at the University of Colorado’s DigLab and as an adjunct faculty at Front Range Community College.





Title: You may have killed the Darkroom after you became King, but I know what you are really made of and I’m not scared.

There isIMG_4253 a range of imaging software, social platforms, and websites that comprise of the digital photographic ecosystem. The system becomes less reliant and disinterested in the camera itself through the supplemental proliferation of endless effects and canned filters, hyperlinking and tagging, and repurposing of images for new uses and venues. Although the ecosystem enhances the role of the image, it undermines the role of the camera.
The camera, independent of the photographer, is a seemingly unbiased, objective recording device. Thus, the latent image is deeply tied to reality in so much that it can be postulated as indexical in nature. Functioning as an index, the image points to that which is in front of the camera. For this project, I have aimed the camera towards objects in the digital photographic ecosystem: Photoshop, Flickr, Instagram, Google, and so forth. Capturing the source code or disk image of each object results in a latent indexical image. Consequently, the concept of “camera” then subjugates each object, by which regaining apex status in the ecosystem.
Onsite: Yes
Duration: January 14-completion
Equipment: Photoshop 1.0, Apple Macintosh Classic II, 3.5” floppy external drive (USB) and a few spare floppies
Documentation: TBA