J.R. Carpenter



Artist Website: J.R. Carpenter

Bio: J. R. Carpenter is an award-winning Canadian-born UK-based artist, writer, performer, postdoctoral researcher, associate lecturer, and maker of maps, zines, books, poetry, short fiction, long fiction, non-fiction, and non-linear, intertextual, hypermedia, and computer-generated narratives. She lives in Devon.





Title: J.R. Carpenter: Object-Oriented Interview By Andrea Zeffiro

NovemJRber 2013 marks twenty years since artist, writer, performer, and researcher J. R. Carpenter first began using the internet as a medium for the creation and dissemination of experimental texts. This interview will examine material, formal, and textual traces of a number of pre-web media – including the LED scrolling sign, the slide projector, and the photocopy machine – which continue to pervade Carpenter’s digital work today
Onsite: No
Duration: N/A
Equipment: TBA