Erin Costello and Aaron Angello


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Bio:Erin Costello is a poet, digital artist, and web designer who holds an
M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  In 2009 she founded SpringGun Press with Mark Rockswold: a print press for books of poetry, and a bi-annual online journal of poetry, flash fiction, and electronic literature.   She has received awards for both her traditional and electronic writing and her work has been featured in various venues and publications.  Originally from Northern California, she currently lives in Denver where she enjoys the incredible literary/art scene and works as an online marketer.Aaron




Title: ᴁ (Pronounced “I”): A Transmedia Biography of ᴁrin Xello.
erin arron

This exhibition/installation tells the story of ᴁrin Xello, a tortured yet brilliant artist who struggles throughout her/his complicated life to create something meaningful. ᴁrin’s story is told through fragments of poems, sound, music, and visual art displayed on and around various media – computers, typewriters, hand-made journals – the date of each fragment corresponding with the dates of production of the media. The biography of ᴁrin is the story of the artists’ two actual lives fused into one character and storyline/timeline. The audience will explore the space, collecting bits of information, until a portrait of the artist emerges. ᴁ resists the common practice of self identity denial in digital media art while simultaneously engaging in the common practice of digital persona.
Onsite: Yes
Duration: October – November 2013
Equipment: Computers in the front room of the MAL
DocumentationLocative Praxis and Artivism Interview,  Brakhage Talk