Andrew Neely


Artist Website: None

Symphony for MAL

Summary: This Symphony is divided into four distinct sections, each utilizing found-sounds from the real world. The first is comprised of computer sounds (specifically from MAL) and feels more like a traditional electronic song. The second movement responds with sounds only producible in nature, though the sounds are progressively distorted until they are unrecognizable, to mimic nature’s sublimity. The third movement features human voices exclusively, to indicate the way humans bridge technology and the natural world. The final movement synthesizes all three previous movements, moving quickly and haphazardly through previous themes. This implies the intrinsic interconnectedness of technology, nature and humanity.
Onsite: Yes
Duration of Residency: January 2016
Equipment Used: Mac Lisa, Mac Centris, Mac G3, Mac Classic II, Apple iMac desktop (outside of lab).
Documentation: Audio