our first MALfunction: Hack, Tinker, Play

Thanks to the support of Brad Feld, Eugene Wan, the English Department, and the Center for Humanities and the Arts at CU, the Media Archaeology Lab had its first “MALfunction” on Wednesday evening ¬†as a way to open its doors especially to those in the local tech and startup communities. It was, I’d say, a great success – at least partly because we received a handful of fantastic donations including a Magnavox Odyssey 2 and an Intellivision game console. Another success we had was that, thanks to one of our visitors, we got the Altair-8800b working that Brad Feld donated to the lab – in fact, we got it to add 2+2! Quite a feat considering we were programming in binary uses switches. Stay tuned for more MALfunctions in the near future and enjoy the gallery of pictures below, (thanks to Eugene Wan).